Bardahl Greases

Product Name Key Features
ProGreaz CH
Calcium Base Chassis Greases NLGI: 1, 2, 3
Excellent water resistance. For lubrication of plain bearings, ball joints and U-joints operating at temperatures of up to 60°C. Economical chassis greases with outstanding corrosion protection.
ProGreaz EP
Litium EP Greases NLGI: 1, 2, 3
High quality multipurpose lithium greases recommended for general industrial and automotive applications. Suitable for lubrication of heavy-duty plain and rolling bearings, where an extreme pressure lubricant is essential for satisfactory operation. Estimated operating temperature range: -20 to 135°C.
ProGreaz MO
Lithium-based Greases with Molybdenum Disulphide NLGI: 1, 2, 3
Multipurpose lithium-based greases, which provide a tough and slippery, microscopic protective film. Reduce wear by continuing lubrication under severe conditions. Particularly advantageous where sliding or oscillating actions occur, such as on fifth wheels, conveyor tracts, oven kiln rollers and large surface ways. The NLGI 2 grade is also used for lubricating ball joint suspension and general heavy-duty chassis lubrications. Application temperature: up to 135°C. ProGreaz MO can endure higher temperatures for short periods or if the lubrication frequency is increased.
ProGreaz LX
Lithium Complex Greases NLGI: 1, 2, 3
Premium quality extreme-pressure greases with lithium-complex soaps. Superior load-carrying, high-temperature and high oxidation stability properties. ProGreaz LX greases resist melting up to 200°C. Widely used in bearings of industrial machinery, especially those under high-temperature, high-load, shock-load, high-pressure and low-speed operations. Excellent lubrication in automotive vehicles. Continuous operating temperature: -20 to 160°C.
ProGreaz LX Moly
Lithium Complex Moly Greases NLGI: 2
A superior Lithium Complex grease design to provide excellent lubricating qualities over a wide range of temperatures. Designed to work under the toughest conditions with excellent mechanical and chemical stability. ProGreaz LX Moly Grease is formulated with 5% of molybdenum disulphide to insure protection against shock loads and sliding friction wear, and will 'stay in place' under the worse operating conditions of water, dirt and mud, while providing maximum protection.
ProGreaz BT
Non-melt Greases NLGI: 2, 3
High quality, high temperature clay-based greases, which do not melt. Also will not run or drip even at temperature of up to 260°C. ProGreaz BT does not dissolve or wash out in contaminated water, and contains special addtives to help it adhere to the surfaces to which it is applied. Recommended for lubrications of plain and rolling bearings at elevated temperatures, including medium to large low-speed bearings commonly found in kilns, steel mills, aluminium, glass, rubber and cement plants. Estimated continuous temperature: -18 to 177°C, with the exposure of up to 240°C.
ProGreaz Syn LX
Synthetic High Temperature Grease NLGI: 2
Rust and oxidation inhibited. Wide usable temperature range. Excellent shock load carrying capability. Highly water wash-out resistant and 'stays in place' — less frequent lubrication.
ProGreaz MP
Lithium-based Multi Purpose Greases NLGI: 2, 3
Good water resistance. High temperature service. Shear resistant. Oxidation and rust inhibited.