Bardahl Hydraulic Fluid

Product Name Key Features
Hyflo AW Series
(ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68,
100, 150, 220)
High Quality antiwear hydraulic fluids that provide superior water separation, antiwear protection, rust and corrosion inhibition, oxidation resistance and thermal stability. Recommended for use in a wide variety of high pressure mobile and stationary hydraulic systems utilizing vane, piston or gear pumps. Hyflo AW Series fluid is however, not suitable for use in systems with silver plated components.

For lubrication of all types of enclosed gears including worm gears. Suitable for steel gear transmission and steel/phosphor bronze gears.
Hyflo ZF Series
(ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 100)
Hyflo ZF Series of hydraulic fluids relied on a finely tuned ashless additive package to ensure improved cleanliness abd hydrolytic stability. These oils are highly recommended for operating in fine clearance spool valves where cleanliness is critical. Hyflo ZF Series greatly reduces environmental impact and can be used in control and power transmission systems, particularly those containing silver plated bearings.
Hyflo HV Series
(ISO VG 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100)
Premium quality hydraulic fluids with excellent antiwear properties and incorporating a specially developed shear stable VI Improver to impart superior viscosity-temperature characteristics. Designed for use in hydraulic power and control systems that are subjected to the extremes of ambient temperatures. Meet the viscometric and antiwear requirements of MIL-H-24459 (Ships) specifications and exceed those of CETOP standard RP91H category HV.
Hyflo BHF
(ISO VG 46, 68)
Supreme ashless anti-wear additives help to improve system protection and extend equipment's lifespan. Superior ester-based formulation provides outstanding performance and biodegradability for less environmental impact. Excellent oxidation and thermal stability increases oil cleanliness and provides longer fluid life. Good foam suppression and outstanding water separation characteristics improve machine efficiency, especially for those systems with high circulation rate and low residence time. Wide range of application — helps to reduce overall logistic costs.