Bardahl Metal Working Fluids

Product Name Key Features
EZ Cut High quality, cost-effective, water-soluble cutting oil for general machining operations. Provides stable emulsions over a wide range of concentrations. Has excellent corrosion protection. Suitable for most general machining operations on free cutting metals where cooling is the prime requirement.
Klean Cut Specially formulated water-mix soluble oils with improved lubricity. Recommended for applications such as CNC operations in electronic industry, and especially on aluminium materials. Produces a dense white milky emulsion, which remains stable with less offensive odour over a longer period of time.
Hi Cut A high performance semi-synthetic water-mix cutting fluid, which gives a translucent micro-emulsion in water. It is a long life fluid, formulated for use on various machining, and virtually eliminates the "Monday morning odour" problem. Bardahl Hi Cut fluid produces inherently stable emulsion and is suitable for a wide variety of water qualities.
SwiftCut A multipurpose neat cutting oil suitable for machining carbon and alloy steels up to 750 MN/m2 U.T.S. and operating under light to moderate conditions. Formulated with light-coloured extreme pressure additive for easy monitoring of work pieces, it provides a cost-effective solution to many machining requirements. Swift Cut may be used for more severe operations on non-ferrous metals, but should not be used on yellow metals such as brass or copper.
SuperCut High quality neat cutting fluid, which is suitable for a wide range of applications and materials. Super Cut is designed to be compatible with yellow metals and works well with stainless steel, steel alloys, and many other non-ferrous materials. Super Cut has a low odour and is a clear liquid. It provides longer tool life and extremely good surface finish.
RustGuard Rustguards are Bardahl's specially formulated rust preventives. They are water-displacing products and build a thin fingerprint resistant protective film, which is not infiltrated by moisture. They also demonstrate non-staining and alkali resistant properties.
SynGrind Bardahl SynGrind is a premium, synthetic fluid, formulated for optimum removal rate and surface finish in grinding, sawing and dicing processes using diamond grinding wheels and blades. It has exceptional heat transfer characteristics ensuring prolonged tool life, even with difficult materials. SynGrind is a biostable product that provides high levels of corrosion protection. Its nitrite-free formulation shows a low foaming tendency and remains clear and clean in the presence of tramp oil. It is compatible with all filtration systems.
AdvanBroach Bardahl AdvanBroach is a highly effective neat oil for the most severe operations including horizontal broaching. It is made from specially selected mineral base stocks with advanced additive technology. The product’s low viscosity allows it to penetrate easier to the point of cut for better heat removal. Its exceptional heat transfer characteristics and fluidity also ensure prolonged tool life, even with difficult materials.