Bardahl Others

Product Name Key Features
Thermax Oils Mineral Based Heat transfer oil Grade: A, B Thermax Oils is a high quality, thermal stable paraffinic base heat transfer fluid. The high level of specific heat and thermal conductivity ensure long service life and excellent heat transfer properties. Thermax fluids also assist in keeping the system clean and resist oxidation and thermal cracking. It is suitable for use in closed circulating systems having bulk oil temperatures of up to 320°C, and open systems equipped with cold oil sealed expansion tanks where the maximum bulk oil temperature does not exceed 195°C (210°C for TherMax B) at the point of contact with air.
Elite I, II Naphthenic-based Electrical Insulating Oils Elite Oils are naphthenic-based electrical insulating oils which provide rapid heat transfer with high oxidation stability. It’s high resistance to oxidation, excellent electric insulation and heat transfer properties making it ideal for use in large power transformers operating at peak capacity as well as free-breathing units for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.
AirPer Series Specially Formulated Pneumatic Percussion Tool Lubricant (ISO VG 46, 100, 150, 320) AirPer lubricants are specially formulated from high quality base oils, fortified with additives such as EP, oiliness and tacky agent, emulsifier, corrosion inhibitors and anti-mist agent. AirPer lubricant provides for extended tool life which reduced maintenance and repair cost. Its superior anti-wear agent ensures adequate lubrication to prevent rapid drill failure even when operating under adverse conditions.